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What makes you more confident in the crowd?
What is the essential of showing your stylist? What makes you look cooler in the sun?
Yes! Sunglasses,stars and fashion people all have many pieces for their looks.
The third month of 2018 is approaching, new arrivals of various sunglasses brands have been running out.We like the top sunglasses of 2017, at the same time, what we should do is looking forward to the latest fashion solar eclipse sunglasses. Just fashion now!

1. Dior Oversize

Sunglasses of Dior will not be more famous than their perfumes and jewelry, but also be loved by many people, especially the oversize retro sunglasses. The "Dior Stellaire1" sunglasses from the Winter 2017 Fashion show have a distinctive ample square shape and a lightweight feel. The ultra-thin gold-tone metal frame enhances the almost flat blue lenses.The "Dior Stellaire1" has three colors, the blue one is more suitable for coat in winter, the other two colors are perfect for spring and summer.

2. Ray-ban Aviator

When it comes to Ray-Ban, the first style people think of sunglasses is aviator. Indeed, aviator has been Ray-Ban's most classic and continuous updating style. In order to maintain the land, ray-ban launches a special custom service for it. If you want to buy aviator sunglasses and are willing to pay 200-300 dollars, you can choose Ray-Ban, like this:

3. UV-BANS Cateye

As one of the most classic styles of sunglasses, cateye is always loved by many people. From the 1950s,we would often find cat eye sunglasses on beautiful fashion actress's face.Cat eye's unique style that embellish people's face more exquisite makes it always in vogue.Recently, many friends recommend this style to me.I love it very much because of its colors and chic designs.I ordered it once I viewed the pictures and price, only $53. Maybe you can get with a lower price through some coupon on the website.

4. Prada Square

Prada is a success fashion brand that accepted by a lot of people, and the sunglasses of Prada also occupy a high popularity. Prada’s frame is most round and square, there are some pilots, otherwise, I don’t find cateye that my favorite style in the website. In the existing sunglasses of website, this one is very popular and the price is lower that others, it’s $310.

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Sunglasses lens: BLUE

Encapsulated blue mirrors sunglasses lens deliver superior contrast and color in full sun and eliminate glare(gray base).

Sunglasses lens: GREEN

Encapsulated mirrors sunglasses lens enhance visual aculty and eliminate glare (copper & amber base).

Sunglasses lens: GRAY

Maintains color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun conditions.

Sunglasses lens: PURPLE

Encapsulated purple mirrors enhance colors and also optimize light transmisson(copper base).

Sunglasses lens: BROWN

Cuts glare and enhance contrast and color in all conditions.

Sunglasses lens: LIGHT BROWN

Excellent all-around lens that delivers the brightest field of vision.
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UV-BANS LiveChat Extension

1/9/2018 10:36 PM

Hi, did you find the cute icon on our website's foot?

This is a new extension for UV-BANS customers.
You can contact us in any condition, so don't care about time, place or content, ask your question to us.
We are waiting for a connection with you.
We will have a connection with you by our UV-BANS sunglasses, and we wish our sunglasses take you a good feeling.

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Many times you shocked by the vivid color lighting into your eyes. How exciting you feel when the warm and bright light catches on you!

The sunlight gives us day and night, dark and bright, even such wonderful and colorful world. You maybe feel depressed or frustrated without sunshine for several days. The sunlight is very important to the plants on the ground for their growing, rising, bearing fruit.

You may think that the sunlight is not strong in autumn and winter, it is wrong. The harm part of sunlight – the UV light is not judged by the warm degree. It is still very important to block sunshine, especially to your eyes.

Polarized sunglasses are very useful for blocking UV harm. The specific layer in polarized sunglasses lenses can reflect and filtrate the fixed length of waves in sunlight then keep our eyes safety.


The additional part of sunglasses is the enhancement of our fashion scores. It is also an important part, right?
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Why do we think we're beautiful and cool after wearing sunglasses?
It's because sunglasses make our asymmetrical faces symmetrical.
Symmetry is closely related to our view of beauty, and black lenses can also mask the parts that are not symmetrical around our eyes.
We are accustomed to identifying information through the eyes, to judge another person's intelligence, sincerity, self-confidence and so on.
Wearing sunglasses to cover your eyes can make people unable to judge, wearing sunglasses will make others think that they are elusive.
This is called sunglasses law of vision.

There are many important laws in life.
A lot of men think that the clothes with vertical stripes will appear taller and slender, but actually, they are not.
Vertical stripes will only appear fatter, on the contrary, the horizontal stripes will elongate the visual effect, which is called the law of horizontal pulling.
If a chameleon looks in the mirror, what color is it?
Scientists once did such an experiment. He put an angel lizard in front of the mirror. Though it sometimes stays in brown for some time, it will eventually turn green.
Perhaps for this species, green is the default color.
It's called the ultimate color law.

There is one law about music.
Why do we like music that has a clear rhythm?
That is because our heart rate is regular, the rhythm of this music is similar to that of our heart rate, and the uncomfortable rhythmic music is naturally unpleasant to us.
This is called the music standard law.
Then why people always think that high priced goods, beautiful women, and high positions are suitable for themselves?
The phenomenon that the most suitable for their own is often not yet get, is called the law of suitable things.

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